Inversion Boost

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  • Pike Invert Floor (Core, Inversion)

  • Hip Flexor Strength & Stretch (Core Control)

  • Leg Lifts Bent Arm (Core, Inversion, Shoulder)

  • Aerial Abs - 10 min workout quickie

    Need an abs-olutely perfect short and sweet conditioning workout? We will be targeting your abs, a little hip and shoulder mobility. This makes a perfect warmup workout, especially for aerialists!
    Check out the Aerial Abs - 10 min workout quickie!
    This is for you if
    - you want to level up you...

  • Top 3 core exercises to improve your invert at home

    These three exercises will help you to a better and controlled compression (bringing your legs towards your chest), better coordination and will help you maintain your core strength!

    1. Leg lifts - isometric hold
    - press your extended leg against your hands, don't move, just press.
    - keep upper ...

  • Hollowing vs. Drawing in

    Different core engagement demonstrated.

    Hollowing: Pelvis tucked, core engaged & drawing in -- there is a change in the spine.
    Drawing in: Spine stays neutral, core engagement only moves belly towards the spine.

  • Best inversion Exercise: Eccentric Lower Downs

    The perfect exercise to train your inversions: Eccentric lower downs.
    Besides helping you to master an inversion, this exercise will give you the possibility to step back and work on your form to correct sloppy execution like microbending, for example.

    There are several levels of difficulty. Cho...

  • Bent Arm Hang Engagement for Aerial Arts & Pull Ups

    Don't: Let your shoulders come up to the ears.
    Instead: Engage your lower Trapezius muscle to keep the shoulder blades in place.

    Don't: collapse into protraction (bringing your shoulder to the front)
    Instead: "Smile with your collarbones" keeping the shoulders wide & strong

  • What is microbending?

  • Improve your hanging performance and core intelligence: Hollow Body Leg Lifts

    This exercise is a must for beginner athletes and those coming back to training after injury. This exercise strengthens the core functionally and leaves you with a good technique and prepared for more difficult tricks.
    A hollow body position in hanging is crucial to maintain the integrity of the...