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  • 15 min free coaching!

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    15 min one-on-one with your coach for free!

    A perfect choice if you...
    ... want to reach your goals and overcome hurdles more easily.
    ... need professional feedback and advice on your skill/form/artistic performance.
    ... feel strange/unstable/powerless in certain moves.
    ... hit a plateau in your...

  • True Core Stability Interview at the IBB Symposium

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    Want to nail your dream skills, choreograph with ease, and invert - bend - and balance better? 🤯✨🙋🏽‍♀️

    I am super happy to have shared my secrets of "(Re)discovering Core Stability Essentials to Help You Master Complex Movements" alongside over 32 top Circus experts on the 7-day symposium "Inver...

  • Act Creation Manual - Create your own flow!

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    This e-Book will awaken your aerial creativity and design your unique act in 10-12 weeks! Weekly tasks, videos, worksheets, and more!

    - PDF print high-quality version (157 pages)
    - low data PDF e-Book version

    Do you want to turn your "aerial vocabulary" into your personal, unique sto...

  • Hanging Analysis

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    Hang better, move better!

    The hanging analysis is a perfect choice if you want to train healthily and sustainably, feel discomfort in hanging, or simply realize your hanging form needs some work. With a solid, healthy base (=hanging for aerialists), all other moves deriving from hanging will get...

  • Personal Training Plan

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    A customized training plan brings more effective and faster training results and improves your performance. The TRAINING PLAN will be adapted exactly to personal requirements and helps to achieve personal goals. A great add-on to the hanging analysis! Boost your training results now! 💪🏻


  • Floorial Collection

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    As much as I love the air, the floor is nice too! The best is moving from the floor into the air! This collection is dedicated to all the lovely floorial moves and the magic moment of lifting up into the air.