15 min free coaching!

15 min free coaching!

15 min one-on-one with your coach for free!

A perfect choice if you...
... want to reach your goals and overcome hurdles more easily.
... need professional feedback and advice on your skill/form/artistic performance.
... feel strange/unstable/powerless in certain moves.
... hit a plateau in your flexibility or strength training.
... need an outside eye on your performance.
... want physiotherapeutic advice on your training schedule or form.

I can't wait to meet you! 🙃

+ 15 min free onboarding coaching, schedule your appointment here: https://aerialsea.ck.page/freecoaching

In the onboarding coaching, we will discuss how I can help you and answer some questions.

15 min free coaching!
  • Personal Coaching Promo

    Do you need a physiotherapist specializing in aerial arts? Do you want a personal coach to help you reach your goals? Do you need professional feedback and advice on your skill/form/artistic performance (e.g., injury prevention, technique, artistic approach & development, flexibility or stren...

  • Personal Training Plan Promo

    A customized training plan brings more effective and faster training results and enables improved performance. The TRAINING PLAN will be adapted exactly to personal requirements and helps to achieve personal goals. A great add-on to the hanging analysis! Boost your training results!

  • Hanging Analysis Promo

    A physiotherapeutic look at your hanging form. After you have submitted your videos, I will send you a detailed PDF of your HANGING ANALYSIS with pictures and explanations and I will talk you through it in a personal coaching session. You will have a clear picture of what you need to improve. A h...