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Watch this video and more on aerial playground

Watch this video and more on aerial playground

Tension Lock Flip (Part 2 of "Flip'n'Roll")

Tricks & Flow: "Flip'n'Roll" (Low Ceiling Flow) • 4m 21s

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  • Russian Roll or Flip (Part 3 of "Flip...

    Main Points:
    Russian Climb
    The upper body and arms go through the poles.
    The foot that is wrapped in the Climb ("upper foot") stays. The lower foot comes off and goes up and through between the silks.
    Easy version: keep both feet closed and practice flipping until you feel confident.

    Common Mis...

  • Flow: Tension Lock Rolls (Part 4 of "...

  • Iron-T (Part 5 of "Flip'n'Roll")

    Main Points:
    Basic Stand
    Divide silks and lean against poles with armpits.
    Hands go forward around poles from outside and back (stroke along groin) while pelvis goes back to make room for your hands.

    Common Mistakes:
    Pain in wrists
    --> Stabilize wrists properly and form a fold/step into the ...