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Advanced ***

Advanced ***
  • Trick & Combo: False Thigh Lock Back Balance Entry

    Prerequisites (available as tutorials in the library, use the search bar)
    - Tension Lock
    - Tension Lock Flip

    - Feeling comfortable with the back planche handhold (internal rotation of the shoulder, hand behind the back)

  • Trick & Combo: Loop Sit - Knee Hang - Front Balance

    So here’s one of my recent favorites! I got this Loop-Sit from @daniloapecho at the European Aerial Dance Festival 2 years ago & I still love it!

  • Tricks & Flow: "Flip'n'Roll" (Low Ceiling Flow)

    11 items

    This course includes five individual tricks as well as the transitions between those poses. It comes in 9 Videos and a workbook in English as well as in German. It includes some of my favorite moves and transitions and builds up to a flowy and fun sequence.