Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

45 min one-on-one with your coach!

A perfect choice if you...
... want to reach your goals and overcome hurdles more easily.
... need professional feedback and advice on your skill/form/artistic performance.
... feel strange/unstable/powerless in certain moves.
... hit a plateau in your flexibility or strength training.
... need an outside eye on your performance.
... want physiotherapeutic advice on your training schedule or form.

I can't wait to meet you! 🙃

+ 15 min free onboarding coaching, schedule your appointment here:
+ 45min one-on-one appointment

In the onboarding coaching, we will discuss how I can help you. In the 45min one-on-one coaching, I will answer your questions; we will discuss, train, and learn so your goals appear closer and your problems resolved.

Personal Coaching

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    Do you need a physiotherapist specializing in aerial arts? Do you want a personal coach to help you reach your goals? Do you need professional feedback and advice on your skill/form/artistic performance (e.g., injury prevention, technique, artistic approach & development, flexibility or stren...